Berner-Box Data Privacy

Collection and processing of personal data

You can generally use the information services and products of Berner Torantriebe KG, without us requiring your personal data. We only learn through online access the name of your Internet service provider, the website from which you visit us and the web pages that you visit on our site. This information is analysed for statistical purposes and the anonymity of the individual user is ensured.

Personal data is collected for a specific purpose. For example, when you use the corresponding server-based services of Berner Torantriebe KG, such as our online portal or our gate and door control app.

Use and disclosure of personal data and purpose

All personal data generated or collected as part of the Berner Torantriebe KG services is acquired, processed and used according to the respective applicable laws and regulations designed to protect personal data and only for the purpose of processing contracts and the preservation of our legitimate internal business interests in providing our customers and prospective customers with advice and support and tailoring products to meet customer demands.

Data transmission between Berner-Box – server – app

  • When the Berner-Box is connected to the public network, the product code and the respective switching operations are transferred to the central online portal
  • By using the app, the individual switching operations are linked with the mobile device (device ID)​ and the user (user ID) and transmitted to the central online portal.

Within the respective components, the following data is stored and can be viewed or read out by service technicians of Berner Torantriebe KG or a commissioned subcontractor for service calls.

Data storage in the Berner-Box:

  • IP address
  • Password of the Berner-Box
  • Unique ID of the Berner-Box (MAC address + internal ID number)
  • Status information of the individual drives with feedback capable systems
  • User management / assigning rights
  • Last switching operations (buffer in case the Internet connection fails, fault analysis)

Data storage as part of the portal and app:

User management

  • User name
  • Password (in encrypted form)
  • Company (for commercial customers)
  • Name and address data (street, house number, postal code, city, country)
  • Communication data (telephone/e-mail)


Device management

  • User name
  • Password (in encrypted form)
  • Unique ID of the device
  • Name / designation
  • Assignment of individual locations to the devices

Berner-Box management

  • Assignment of the portal user ID
  • Berner-Box data (unique host name, Mac address, designation, current software version)
  • Current IP address of the connection (WAN IP) and status of the connection
  • Access data for remote maintenance (if used)

Data storage in the app:

Only the app configuration settings are stored on your local device within the app.

Logging and use

  • The user can individually set the scope of the logs that customer can access. In this case, a logging period between 0 and 90 days can be selected.
  • Berner Torantriebe KG recommends matching the scope of the logs and the use of the evaluations with the respective Works Council and Data Protection Officer of their own company.
  • All log data is stored by Berner Torantriebe KG during the planned life cycle of the product (typically 5-7 years) for use for service purposes. Any personal reference is removed where technically possible (assignment of switching operations to individual drives, but not for the user controlling the unit).
  • The log data is pooled for statistical purposes (e.g, the number of average switching operations for each drive). Here, the personal reference is deleted for the individual switching operation.

By accepting this Data Privacy Policy, the user agrees to the use in the forms specified above, in particular, he agrees to grant service technicians system access for support services.

Right to information and public procedures directory

Upon request, we will send you written notification, in accordance with the applicable law, specifying whether and which personal data we have stored about you. Our public procedures directory includes a summary of the information according to § 4e of the German Federal Law on Data Protection (BDSG).

Changes to our Data Privacy Policy

If we make any changes to our Data Privacy Policy, we will publish them along with all previous Data Privacy Policies here.


IT security

Berner Torantriebe KG takes all the technical and organisational measures necessary to protect the data of our customers from falsification, loss or access by unauthorised parties. To ensure this, we continuously adjust our security measures in line with technological development and meticulously choose the service providers we use.

Last revision to our Data Privacy Policy

28.08.2015, 2:00 p.m.